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Ailee's experience at the Amazing Race!

I arrived at the girl code meeting place, where I knew they would begin the race. It was my first time going to girl code, and so I was excited to see what was in store for me! After a few minutes of waiting, we were off and ready to begin. The leaders put us into 6 groups and then we dashed onto the field. While we were running, I was thinking of how this activity is actually keeping me fit! We had clues to figure out as a group, and fun challenges to do! The first one was the hoop challenge! We all had to link arms or legs, and try to get a hoop through all of us! It was surprisingly time consuming... but it was fun and easy. Then one of the leaders gave us the next clue. Again, we had to figure it out. My favourite challenge was the tik tok dance challenge! We had to learn a tik tok dance as quickly as we could. Usually I would keep practicing, but because it was a race, we did the sound and sprinted off to the next spot. In the end I was so tired I forgot we were given free food...but of course I still ate it! They offered us delicious banana muffins, fruit juice, oat bars, pretzels, and other food like that! In conclusion, I really enjoyed my first activity with Girl Code! And I'm excited for the next one!!

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