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Samantha Success Story:

Samantha is one of Girlcode biggest fans and has come to every activity that we have run!

We asked Samantha a couple of questions about Girlcode; 1. Why did you decide to join Girlcode?

"I decided to join Girlcode because I saw a poster about it when I was walking past the cafe at school, and I thought how cool I'll check it out! After spending one day at Girlcode I could already tell that I was going to like it, so I joined!" 2. What activities did you enjoy the most?

"There are too many to choose from! But if I had to choose just one, I would say making smoothies because I made so many new friends, and learnt how to make a healthy and yummy snack!"

3. What skills have you learnt from being at Girlcode?

"I've learned too many skills to even remember them all! But probably learning to be confident is the biggest one." 4. Have you made any new friends at Girlcode?

"Yes! I have made so many friends in Girlcode!" 5. Would you recommend Girlcode to other girls?

"OMG!!!! YES!!! I WOULD!!!"

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